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From the heart.

I’m not quite sure what to do with this blog, but I know that this one will be more me, more personal and straight on than my other one. Because the other one gets read by my family, friends, classmates, friends friends and other people. maybe even by him? I doubt that he reads it but you never know, right?

But this one will be a place where I can just, write whats on my mind, post how many inspiration posts as I wish and pretty much just write and create for me. The way my other blog was from the start. I won’t mention any names of course, because there’s always a chance that someone who actually knows me might find this one.

For those of you who read this one, how did you find it? And where are you from? DSC_0198.k

A new start, again.

Long time no writing, I almost forgot I had this blog as well.

Well, a few things have happened since I last wrote, which was in December last year. Let’s see, I’ve moved back to Sweden, I’m now attending a different education and I’ve changed city again. From big city life in London to a slightly smaller city in Sweden, but I love it here.

I’ve also sort of met a boy, although I’m not sure where that’ll lead, time will tell I guess. Anyhow, I’m thinking about opening up this blog again, but to keep this one in english and more for inspiration for myself and for my readers of course.

So, what can you except from this blog then? Inspiration from Weheartit, tumblr and probably pinterest, fashion and interior collages from Polyvore and music, a lot of music. At least that is my plan, sounds good?

If you have any questions or requests, let me know! I’m going to work a bit at the design and look of the blog as well, so stay tuned.